Monday, October 11, 2010

Circus Star - Clowns & Magic

Roll up, roll up...

Did you go to the circus when you were a kid? I remember going with my grandparents when I was six. There are three things that I recall from my circus trip - a huge tent, colourful circus ponies and fairy floss.

From an adult perspective, a circus tent is a rather large structure. From a kid's view, a circus tent looks massive! The circus ponies I remember were white with brightly coloured feathers sticking up tall from their heads, and ladies in shiny costumes rode standing on their backs. And the fairy floss was pink, came on a stick, and was a really special treat.

We took Julia (Miss three-and-a-half) to the circus not so long ago. It had everything - lions, monkeys, ponies, trapeze, acrobats, clowns - so much to see! Julia thought it was wonderful, but the clowns are what she remembers best about the day. They had a car which wouldn't do as it was told, and Julia laughed and laughed at the clown's antics. She reminded me of it just last week: "Hey Mum, remember that clown car that kept throwing the suitcase off the roof? And the doors kept opening by themselves?"

The circus is such a magical world!

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