Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Gallery - Three generations together

Joining Sticky Fingers for The Gallery... the theme this week is Together. 

A photo of me at age three-and-a-half, together with my mother and grandmother.

I can imagine the day this photo was taken; perhaps a play in the park was suggested on such a beautiful sunny day. I love the togetherness of old family photos - photos taken on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays, snapshots taken on family outings, memories captured forever. 

Christine xx


  1. You all look so happy. You can spot the similarities too! X

  2. This is a really lovely picture and 3 generations together is very special x

  3. Treasure that photo :) We have a four generations one (me, my kids, my mum and her mum) and I know that one day, I will cherish it even more than I do now.

  4. You can the similarities in your smiley eyes :)

  5. Awww this photo is lovely. I shall have to find some photos of my grandparents now.


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