Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday month is over - I should take down the cards now...

This is the final week of the June photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim

22. From a high angle 
Looking down on moss covering the cracks along a rock wall. 

23. Movement 
Cinderella pirouettes inside Julia's jewellery box - her special treasures are kept safe inside. 

24. On my mind 
Thinking of my Mum... she is having a fabulous time cruising! Julia loves receiving mail and postcards are really special. 

25. Something cute 
These mini pin cushion jars are so cute - I crocheted them using bright cotton yarn. 

26. Where I shop 
I do most of my shopping online, except for groceries. I don't mind wheeling a trolley around the supermarket. 

27. Bathroom 
Bright clips and ribbons adorn the bathroom. 

28. On the shelf 
My birthday cards are still decorating the bookshelf. 

29. Soft 
I crocheted this soft baby blanket using traditional granny squares and medallion centered squares with a simple scallop edging. 

30. A friend 
Lollipop waits patiently in the car for Julia while she is at school. 

Christine xx

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