Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Gallery - C is for Canberra!

It's time to get back into a new year of photo sharing and I'm joining Sticky Fingers once again for The Gallery... the theme this week is The Letter C. 

Balloons rising over the National Library - dawn at the Balloon Spectacular... a magnificent sight! 

This year is the centenary of Canberra. We are celebrating 100 years since Lady Denman, wife of then Governor-General Lord Denman, laid the first foundation stone and announced that the name of the new Australian capital would be Canberra. 

100 years may seem like chicken feed compared to the grand histories of European cities, but it represents a significant step in Australian history. Because Canberra is so young, I feel like I am part of it - being involved in the making of its history rather than watching from the sidelines. 

Living in our nation's capital, there are so many wonderful opportunities to be involved in community and culture. The "bush capital" has come a long way in 100 years, but to me it's still the most wonderful city in which I could ever wish to live. 

Come and visit! You can find out more about Canberra's Centenary Program here

Christine xx


  1. That is a really lovely picture.

  2. Fab shot, the balloons are beautiful and It's great that you love where you live.


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