Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Great Easter Maths Challenge

It's Easter 2016 and I have a new Easter Egg Hunt to share. This is for Julia, my maths-loving 9 year old (how can she be that big now?)

I will admit that I was hoping that the Easter Bunny would just drop a few eggs off this year without the whole hunt thing. That peaceful thought soon evaporated earlier this week when Miss 9 clearly stated "I love the Easter Hunts that Easter Bunny leaves every year! I hope he leaves one for me this year!"

Dang, I thought, and quickly replied "Maybe he'll think you're too old for a hunt this year". "Oh no Mum, definitely not", was her emphatic response.

So I sat with pen, paper and calculator, and worked out an amazing Easter puzzle for her. Here it is for you.

If you are looking for some inspiration for next year, you can download or print this sheet in PDF format here. Enjoy!

You can also find some Easter hunt clues from previous years here and here

Christine xx

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