Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spider-Man - Just for Boys?

There's something wonderful about a super hero that captivates an audience. It could be the super powers they possess, or the mystery surrounding their identity. Perhaps it's the costumes and masks they wear, or the gadgets they use.

Julia (Miss three-and-a-half) likes the gadgets. She tells me that Batman is better than Spider-Man because he has batamarangs that he can throw to get the bad guys. I tried to tell her that Spider-Man has webbing that he can shoot, but she wasn't having any part of it. "Mum, Spider-Man is for boys", she stated.

I think that super heroes emulate real life, showing us that we're all special in some way. Some of us show our super powers on the outside, and some on the inside. Some are loud, showy powers, and some are less obvious but still very powerful. Everyone has their own special talent that should be nurtured and proudly displayed, just like our favourite super heroes.

Oh, and Spider-Man is not just for boys!

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To celebrate 600 Facebook "likers" it's time for a giveaway competition. Unfortunately FB rules state that I can't run a competition on my FB page, so it will be run here.

A limited edition giant sized personalised book - Spider-Man - is up for grabs.

This is an 18 page 31cm x 23cm personalised children's book featuring the child's name, age, friends and more throughout the story. And what a great story - Dr. Octopus is on a rampage and it seems that no-one can stop him. It's up to your child to help Spider-Man defeat this dangerous villain and save the day. You won't find this book on my website - it's a limited edition. Postage within Australia only.

For a chance to win this fantastic personalised book, all you have to do is tell me who is your favourite fictional super hero, and why!

Please post a comment below this blog post in 25 words or less. I will announce the winner on my FB page on Sunday 3rd October at 9.00pm (NSW).

Personalised Children's Books
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  1. Mine was wonderwoman as a child ,i used to pretend to do her fast twirl and always ended up hurting myself ,she was my idol

  2. My favourite is Wolverine He is strong indestructible and even though he seems rutheless he is a lovable kind hearted rogue....Love him so much named my son Logan after him

  3. There is a superhero created by Marvel, Jamie Madrox. His power is being able to duplicate himself. With 6 kids I envy him!!

  4. I'm going to pick Spiderman because I would love to have his web slinging abilities so I could keep all 4 kiddies within arms length, lol.

  5. It is way too hard to pick just one favourite, now that my son has discovered them, we love them all:)

  6. I'm going to pick spiderman! Cause i love all the actions he does :) & would love to be able to do them myself.

  7. Wonderwoman is my fav
    she really is brave
    love her clothes, especially those boots,
    to climb must have been a hoot!

  8. Spiderman!!!! How cool would it be to swing from buildings all day!!

  9. I loved wonderwoman to spinning around everywhere I hurt myself soooo many times!

  10. I love superman, how can you go past a guy brave enough to wear his undies on the outside :)

  11. congratulations on the huge numbers

  12. Superman, the man of steel,
    Faster than bullets would be unreal,
    Plus his ability to fly,
    Though I'd want wonderwomans thighs!

  13. I asked my 2 year olds who their favourite superhero was (because the book would be for them) and they said SHREK lol. So my favourite is ELEKTRA not only can she kick some evil butt, but she is always gorgeous as she does it :)

  14. i would like to be spider-man, and use the "Web Shooters" when in a dangerous situation. I would love to be able to cling to the walls like he can so i could be "like a fly on the wall" when it came to spying.

  15. SpiderMan: I would love to cling to the walls like him so i could be " a fly on the wall" and do some spying

    *Sorry about above post i forgot it had to be 25 words or less*

  16. And the winner is... Tania McPherson!

    It was a close call but this comment got the biggest laugh from my husband.

    Thanks so much to everyone for your entries, it's been fun. Keep reading Jelly Bean Jam for more blogmania!


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