Monday, 20 September 2010

Teddy Bear Land - The Travels of Lollipop

I like to collect teddy bears and stuffed toys, especially when I travel. They remind me of places I have visited and the amazing sights I have seen. I have a bear dressed as a doorman from Harrods in London, a little monk bear from Arbroath Abbey, and a bagpipe playing bear from Edinburgh. I have an Evzone doll from Greece and two floppy dolls in lederhosen from Austria.

But the teddy bear that I love the best belongs to my daughter. Julia's teddy bear is called Lollipop. He is a fluffy pink and yellow beanie bear that was given to her by Santa for her first Christmas. Lollipop is the bear favoured above all others who gets to sleep with Julia every night.

Some time ago, Lollipop disappeared for about 6 months. We searched the house, but he was gone. I assumed that he had been placed lovingly into the kitchen rubbish bin by little hands, and whisked away to places unknown. But one morning he returned. There he was, being cuddled by Julia as though nothing had happened. Julia wasn't quite talking at that stage, and Lollipop has never said a word about it, so the travels of Lollipop remain a mystery.

Maybe he visited Teddy Bear Land!

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