Monday, November 19, 2012

The perfect birthday book

Miss Julia is turning six next week. She loves books, and loves reading. 

My own business, Jelly Bean Books, specialises in personalised children's books, so Julia has quite a collection of her own personalised books. Most of these commemorate some important dates in her life. 

She received "Santa" for her first Christmas, "Teddy Bear Land" for her first Easter, and "God Loves Me" for her baptism. She treasures her birthday books - "Little Mermaid" (first birthday), "Beauty and the Beast" (second), "Batman" (third), "When I Grow Up" (fourth) and "Circus Star" (fifth). 

In each personalised book she is the main character in a story with fairy tale characters that she knows, as well as new characters that develop imagination. Her friends are in the stories too, and are different in each book as her friendships have changed each year. In the front of each book I have also included a photograph of her taken at each of these dates. 

As this was Julia's first year of school, I think "School is Fun" would be a good personalised book for this birthday. It will have her teacher's name and the name of her school included in the story so she will think it's just great!

School is Fun
Deluxe Personalised Children's Book
$21.50 each with free shipping for delivery within Australia only.
Available now from Jelly Bean Books.

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