Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas creativity - Gift bags for Julia's teachers

At the end of the school year, Julia (Miss 6) and I put together some handmade gift bags for her wonderful Kindergarten teachers. Some goodies were handmade by Julia, some by me, and some by friends. 

These gorgeous bags are from Amanda at Appleberry Kids

Inside the gift bags... 
handmade card and butterfly magnet by Julia; 
mug cosy, tree decoration and card handmade by me; 
sticky notes note book by Cassy at Cards by Cassy
Alice in Wonderland necklace by Kelsie at Pretty Little Piper
zip pouch from Johanna at Onepear
Christmas tree biscuit from Beck at Becca's Biscuits beautifully decorated by Julia; 
and a Starlight Foundation chocolate star. 

Julia and I had so much fun choosing and making things to include in the bags and Julia's teachers loved their gifts! 

Counting down to Christmas? Eeeek... it's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Christine xx

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  1. Wow what amazing teachers gifts :)
    So much time and thought
    Thanks for mentioning us in your gorgeous blog I hope they liked rheir necklaces
    Happy new year
    Kelsie xx
    Pretty Little Piper


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