Monday, January 24, 2011

Ballerina Princess - My addiction to beautiful handmade clothes ♥

As this is now my fourth blogpost showcasing gorgeous handmade outfits made by highly talented Facebook ladies, I think it must be obvious that I have an addiction to which I'm afraid there may be no cure. In my defence, who could resist such beautiful fabrics, designs & workmanship?
This beautiful dress is by Tracey at Sugar an Spice. This is just one example of her ultimate design dress, featuring a pretty shirred top, flowing skirt and wonderful fabric combinations. I couldn't resist the gorgeous soft apricot and cream of this fabrics in this dress.
This pillowcase dress is by Kerry at MyOneBrownMouse. To me, Kerry's use of denim and contrasting fabrics is her feature style, although she makes so much more, including fabulous boyswear & gorgeous accessories, and all with such beautiful detail.
I adore the gorgeous, bright fabric in this dress, which is by Danielle at Two Little Munchkins. Danielle uses pretty fabrics and simple designs to make wonderful, affordable clothes for boys & girls.
Whilst this pretty, cotton halter dress technically isn't handmade, the stunning hand-dyed rainbow colours are by Robyn at Rainbows & Ringlets. Robyn uses such bright, vivid colours to make beautiful happy rainbows in a wide range of clothing items, from socks, singlets and tees to dresses, hats and headbands.

So whilst my handmade addiction can't be cured, at least it is something that I can share with you all. My own little princess Miss 4 has the most amazing wardrobe full of beautiful handmade outfits made by the most talented and amazing ladies on Facebook. 
Stick with me and you will probably get to see plenty more!

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  1. Julia is such a lucky girl! She looks gorgeous in all her outfits and bet she has so much fun playing model!
    Christine you do a great job of showcasing all thats good on FB, all the charities you support and the businesses you help to promote!

  2. Thanks so much Lee-Anne, I love being a part of this fabulous FB community! ~ Christine

  3. You and Princess Julia are a designers best friends <3 <3 <3 ... and not just because you appear to have extremely good taste :)
    <3 Kate

  4. Thank you so much Christine! Your promotion of gorgeous Handmade is a credit to you and much appreciated :)

  5. Thanks Kate & Kerry - I love my FB friends (and their gorgeous creations)! ~ Christine


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