Friday, January 14, 2011

Noah's Ark - Raising funds for flood relief

Amidst the current devastating flood crisis in Queensland, the Noah's Ark in this story is all the wonderful generosity shown by so many people across Australia and the world. The Facebook and blogging communities have banded together to raise funds to assist with the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal for the Queensland floods.
Facebook: Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal
I'm sure that everyone I know on Facebook has donated to this cause in one way or another. I would like to commend AnK Bowtique on their recent wonderful auction, but most importantly all those that donated and bid on each item and made it a resounding success.

There are many more auctions on Facebook, some underway and some to start shortly - please take a look and place a bid on some beautiful handmade and generously donated items:
An auction is being held at RSPCA Charity Auction on Facebook to raise funds for the Queensland RSPCA. Unfortunately animals do not receive government funding, so please spare a thought for our four legged and winged friends and bid at this auction if you can.

Another Facebook page helping kids with something special is Sponsor a T-Shirt for a Toowoomba Child. This is a page where a small donation can help in such a big way.

There are also auctions being held on Blogs, co-ordinated by Toni from Make it Perfect, which feature so many gorgeous handmade items:
Also in Blogland, some fabulous raffle style giveaways:
There are many more bloggers joining in this weekend, so please check with Make it Perfect for a list of blog auctions which I am hoping will be available soon.
To make a donation to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, please visit Donate to the flood relief appeal.

Please share these links so that others can participate in the fund raising. There are so many people and businesses who are donating in their own way, some by sharing part of their sales or profits, some by making their own personal donations. If you would like to share a link to any other fund raising effort, please let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Jazzy Kidz, Here's hoping that all of us together in the FB and bloggerland can make a difference! its astounding how people have responded and makes me damn proud to be an Aussie! GO AUSSIE!!!

  2. There's a fantastic list of crafty donors at the Madeit blog - Madeit: Crafters donating to the QLD Flood appeal. Please take a look :)

    And here's a few more auctions on Facebook:
    Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking
    Whiskers Lane
    Nifty Mums Network
    Bella Lei Art (by Jessica Brown)

    Also, all January sales from Studio Brainstorm are going to the QLD Flood Relief Appeal.

  3. Here is another fabulous blog with links to many fund raising endeavours:
    Bondville: Shop The Flood! QLD Flood Appeal

    Also, please take a look at this fabulous effort on Etsy put together by the Down Under Street Team:
    Etsian Australian Flood Appeal

  4. Hi from Miff Designs

    There's also an auction at White Mango on FB supporting the RSCPA. We've donated some frilly bums and singlet sets to a number of fund raisers to auction for such a worthy cause.
    Link below:!/WhiteMango.SantaLetters

  5. Thanks Miff Designs... I'm so glad to see another auction for RSPCA Qld. The auction is at this link on Facebook:
    White Mango's Personalised Letters from Santa

    There's a recent blogpost on Tracey Jane Designs highlighting the desperate need of the RSPCA and other animal organisations following the flood:
    Tracey Jane Designs: Auction for the RSPCA QLD starts today @ White Mango


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