Monday, February 7, 2011

A Handmade Celebration & Giveaway!

You should all know by now that I love beautiful handmade clothes, and Julia's wardrobe is full of gorgeous outfits made by so many talented friends on Facebook. But my love of handmade extends past dresses & skirts to the many other wonderful handmade goodies that can be found on Facebook, and I'd love to share some with you too.

So to celebrate 1500 Facebook "likers" for Jelly Bean Books, it's time for another giveaway competition! I have two little packages of beautiful handmade goodies to give away, all made by my wonderful Facebook friends.

Package 1:
Covered diary by Anita at Winnie&Clem
Little Shopper Tote by Amanda at appleberry kids
Set of Lunchkins reusable sandwich & snack bags by Kelli at KelliOne & Lunchkins
Ultimate design dress (size 4) by Tracey at Sugar an Spice
Strawberry bows & clips by Katrina at Bowlicious Boutique
Button ponytail ties by Eloise at Itty Bitty
Pandora bracelet by Sonia at Sonni Lou Designs
Chockitty Rocky Road by Chivonne at Chockitty Rocky Road
Coin purse/mini pouch by Michelle at Lella M
Business card holder by Jac at Jac & Skeet

Package 2:
Covered diary & pouch by Kerry at MyOneBrownMouse
Charlie cap (50cm) by Anita at Winnie & Clem
Happy Bugs skirt (size 3) by Melissa & Scott at maggiej designs
Pink Korker Streamer Hair Ties by Bec at Pretty Things Distract Me
Owl clips by Simone at Incy Wincy Bows
DS Duffel with shoulder strap by Jac at Jac & Skeet
Dolly bracelet by Lorraine at Punky Pixie Bracelets
Chockitty Rocky Road by Chivonne at Chockitty Rocky Road
Zippered coin purse by Jacq at Feralique
Sewing companion by Leila at Ila Star Creations

I must tell you that these are all new items - I'm only giving these away because I have purchased some for myself too! If you would like to know more about these beautiful items, please take a look at the photo album on my Facebook page.

For a chance to win one of these fantastic handmade packages, all you have to do is visit & "like" these wonderful Facebook pages, answer the 18 questions below, then email your answers to me at One entry per person please! Entries will close at 9.00pm (NSW) on Monday 14th February 2011 at which time all correct entries will go into a random draw for each package. The winners will be notified by email, then I will let you know the winners on Facebook.

  1. Winnie&Clem - Name four styles of hats currently available from Winnie&Clem.
  2. appleberry kids - How many sizes are available in the Shopper Tote bags, and what are they called?
  3. Bowlicious Boutique - Name four different types of hair accessories made by Bowliscious Boutique.
  4. Itty Bitty - Name three types of accessories that use fabric buttons at Itty Bitty.
  5. Punky Pixie Bracelets - Name four types of dolly bracelets that you can find at Punky Pixie Bracelets.
  6. Chockitty Rocky Road - Take a look at the website and name four types of Chockitty Rocky Road available.
  7. Lella M - What two items make up Lella M's "Out & About Set"?
  8. KelliOne - Please visit Lunchkins Facebook page and tell me what three sizes are available in Lunchkins reusable sandwich & snack bags?
  9. MyOneBrownMouse - Name four different items made by MyOneBrownMouse.
  10. maggiej designs - What two creatures are available as soft toys from maggiej designs?
  11. Pretty Things Distract Me - PTDM has recently gone wholesale only. Please visit the website and name two of their stockists.
  12. Sugar an Spice - Name four of the dresses in the "Outfits for Sale" album.
  13. Incy Wincy Bows - Name three different types of bows available.
  14. Sonni Lou Designs - Name three available Valentine's Day cards.
  15. Feralique - Name three different items made by Feralique.
  16. Ila Star Creations - Name four different items made by Ila Star Creations.
  17. Jac & Skeet (formerly Jac Be Nimble) - Name four of the available Toddler BackaPackas.
  18. And finally... which package would you like to go into the draw to win?
For an extra chance in your package draw, just make a comment below to let me know which is your favourite handmade package and why!

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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  1. Ohhhhhh, Chris I am loving this!!

    I'm getting right on to it tonight!!


  2. Elizabeth Langford-SmithFebruary 7, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    I love Pack 2 as I have a 1 year old daughter so I love everything girly and I have started making owls so I love the owl clips :)

  3. Wow, these packs are beautiful. I would love to win either and have emailed my entry. #2 has caught my eye as I think the ds duffle and charlie cap would be greatly appreciated by my daughter and I NEED the chocolate after answering all those questions. :)

  4. I love pack number 1! I am eyeing off Jac & Skeet's business card holders, I love the idea of reusable sandwich bags... and bags, the tote bag and the purse... the chocolate, I love it all LOL

    I already liked a few of those pages, now I've got more to be tempted by LOL

  5. I love the second one, that skirt is gorgeous and I love love love Pretty Things Distract Me.

  6. Loving pack #1 So many things that would be useful for all members of my family! Will email off the answers asap

  7. WOW that was a great challenge - Thanks Chris for introducing me to some new pages - I got side tracked checking them out (some I was already a fan)

    I would be happy to win either pack but if had to choose #1 as there are things for me as well as the kids :)

    Congrats on a job well done xx

  8. Such great prize packages! I would choose package 2! Naja - fruit cake kids x

  9. Very hard to choose which one!! I kept going back and forth between them, but Tracey's dress from Sugar an Spice edged me over the line for Package #1 :) Thanks so much for holding the giveaway!! xo

  10. Very tough choice but package number 2.
    I love MyOneBrownMouse and Pretty Things Distract Me xx

  11. Definatley # 2 as I have 3 little girls who would just love everything in that package. What a great idea and Thankyou for showing me some new amazing pages to like!:)
    From Bellaleiart (by Jessica Brown)

  12. Package Number 1 is it for me :D
    There is something for my baby girl, for me ( a busy mum ) something for my Mum and Mother in Law, my nieces and my best friend. So not only would I win - my loved ones will too :D

    Thankyou for this little adventure discovering amazing pages and other hard working Mums and Dads out there!

  13. I would love to win package number one - both packs have gorgeous items from wonderful WAHM but the thing that got me for pack 1 was the CHOCOLATE - you can't go wrong!!

    Pack one also has practical items for my family :)

  14. I'd have to say package 2!! I absolutely love the korkered hairtie streamers...I know my 3.5yo would too! She loves pretty hair things :) <3

  15. I LOVE Package 2 - Love the hat from Winnie & Clem and the gorgeous owl clips by Incy Wincy Bows - Package 2 has lots of girly things with which to spoil my 2 year old daughter with:)

  16. i love both but pack is my pick and apart from the dress & hair accessories their all for me lol

    great job i wouldn't have come across these wonderful items without your help
    thanks linda bennett

  17. i ment to say pack 1

    cheers linda bennett

  18. I love both packages...but if I had to choose would chose package number 2, mainly cause the skirt is size 3 and will fit my daughter now...all the contents are so cute and girly!

  19. It would have to be package number 2 - I am a sucker for all things 'owly' so those owl clips are a winner for me!

  20. I just love the charlie cap - that is so adorable ( I think I might have to order one for me hehehe )

  21. have to say i love pack 2 as I have 2 pretty little girls and this is the perfect assortment of clothes and accessories to make them even prettier!

  22. This is such a great idea, I got so distracted checking out all the pages! Both packages are fantastic, but I think my favourite is package 2, my eldest daughter has her 2nd birthday very soon and would go nuts over the skirt, the dolly bracelet and the owl clips!

  23. Wow! I must say it was a real treat to visit all those wonderful websites. They are all so talented and their creations are gorgeous. I enjoyed answering the questions too :) lol

    Now for the hard thing... Choosing between Pack 1 or Pack 2?? Hmmm I think I will have to choose Pack 1. There are plenty of lovely things for my two little girls and even some goodies for me :) Thank you!
    Melanie Graham

  24. Wow Christine that took me ages to do got so distracted in seeing some pages I hadnt seen before, I would love package 1 as it does not contain my item lol, but I do love everything in each one. I think I may have to wait until tomorrow to email you the answers, I need some sleep
    Thanks so much
    Ila Star Creations:)

  25. Package 1 is totally devine!
    the dress would be perfect for my little darling and diary for me!
    I am one forgetful mother and wife after having twins!

  26. I love package number 2 as There is stuff in there for both boy and girls so would make it easier at home if I won :) :)

  27. They are both so gorgeous but I'd have to say number one - more things for me in that one :)


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