Monday, 28 February 2011

Noah's Ark - Oceans & Floods

Julia (Miss 4) was quite amazed by the pictures on TV of the recent floods in Queensland. She has been playing with her Noah's Ark and we have talked about that story, and the local creek recently rose quite high and flooded the community paths so she has seen what too much rain can do.
It seems now that every large body of water is a "flood". We live near a large lake and last time we crossed the bridge she exclaimed "Hey Mum, look at that huge flood!"

We are planning a holiday to the USA and have been talking to Julia (Miss 4) about it. She is very excited to be going on an aeroplane to get to our destination.

A few days ago, we passed by a shop with a range of world globes, so we stopped to look at them. Julia showed me where Australia is on the globe, then I showed her where we will be going.

"It's a good thing we are going on a plane to get there", she said. "Because there are a lot of floods on the way".

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