Monday, March 21, 2011

Circus Star - A Trip to the Circus

Memorable moments from our trip to the circus on Saturday...

Julia (Miss 4) is thrilled to be at the circus. We are sitting ringside and she is looking around, noticing everything, from the disco ball lights to the number of cactus painted on the backdrop. She is very excited to see the cannons, but I have to explain that although they are cannon-shaped, they are actually lights.

The performers are dancing - a flamenco type of dance - to set the scene for the next act. Julia turns to me and says "It's a bit boring Mum".

At intermission, Dad offers to buy Julia some fairy floss, which is gratefully accepted. She eats about half of the packet. Then she notices that blow up hammers, flashing light sticks and other toys are being sold nearby. Of course she asks for one, but is turned down. I tell her that she has had enough treats today, to which she laments "Oh why, oh why did we get fairy floss?"

Julia is fascinated by the most daring act - the Wheel of Death. As the performer completes his act, he pulls his long hair out of a hairband before he leaves the stage. Julia says "Mum, he looks just like a girl now".

Her favourite act - the clowns of course! I think her love of slapstick comedy comes straight from her father :)

I will be away on holidays for a few weeks - but I should have plenty to tell you about when I get back!

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