Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Day on Sesame Street - Hasta la vista San Diego!

The third stop on my recent family trip to California, USA was San Diego. Rich in history, this city has a beautiful harbour and a huge naval presence.
(left) Mural at Old Town, San Diego.
(centre) Watching tortillas being made by hand.
(right) Harbour cruise - San Diego city in background.

(left) Statues at the entrance of Balboa Park.
(centre) Inside the Botanical Building at Balboa Park.
(right) Posing at Balboa Park.

(left) Waiting for one of the shows at Seaworld.
(centre) The Dolphin Show - Blue Horizons.
(right) Meeting the Count at Seaworld.

(left) Lego Darth Vader at Legoland. 
(centre) Miniland - awesome models.
(right) A face-painted Julia roaring as a lego lion.

(left & centre) Flying planes on the USS Midway. 
(right) The giant sized kissing couple statue near USS Midway.

San Diego was such a lovely city to visit with so much to do. There was just one disappointment at Legoland for Julia: "I thought the toilets would be made of Lego!"

Just one more California stop to go - can you guess where?

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  1. Hopefully Disneyland - I can't find that you've posted about going there and I assume you did! Would love to hear about it because I'm looking into a trip there for next year. Any recommendations for where to stay, who to fly with, etc most welcome. We've been before, but not with kids, so it's a whole new ball game!

  2. Absolutely right Kirralee - it just wouldn't be right to miss Disneyland!
    I think it would be very different without kids, it's much easier to appreciate and experience through a child's eyes :)
    Hopefully I can get some good piccies together for the next blog...
    ~ Christine xx


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