Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Listography - 5 Finals

Now just hold on a minute - what on earth does this mean? I might have to think REALLY hard about this one...

This week I'm joining in with the newly appointed Take 5 King (but just for a week) Reluctant Housedad - and now following his fabulous blog too!

You may recall the recent non-event when the world did NOT end - apparently it has now been re-scheduled to December 21 2012. So with 18 months to prepare for the end (again), here are my 5 finals (in no particular order):

1. Final act of stupidity - paying off my credit card just before the end. That would be just like me, having to leave things all neat and tidy.

2. Final act of futility - joining a gym. I had a gym membership once. I started off well, enthusiastically, mainly attending step classes but also frequently using the machines. It gradually petered off to dragging myself to step classes once a week, then I found more and more excuses for not going. Making excuses to myself! "Dear Christine, Christine won't be attending the gym today as she has to do the washing", etc. Yes, joining a gym would be futile as I already know the outcome. But if the end of the world was coming, maybe I would try again - after all, it wouldn't be forever...

3. Final act of madness - I guess I would go skydiving. I mean, if there was nothing to lose anyway, why not do something daring? But then again, probably not. I'm not really a risk taker or a thrill seeker, so I'd probably just watch everyone else do it on TV.

4. Final act of abandon - sleeping in. Oh yes, with nothing to get up for, I'd just like to get a really long sleep in for a change. Abandoning all responsibilities that go with rising first for the day. No lunches to make, uniforms to iron, buses to catch or places to be. Hooray!

5. Final act of friendship - saying goodbye on Facebook. Thanks to the mass communication and social networking of today, I will be able to say goodbye to everyone who has ever known me, and plenty of others who haven't yet had the chance. Of course, everyone else will be doing the same, so the chances of my little message being seen amongst the billions of others will be miniscule, even if the servers don't collapse from the incredible overload of a world saying goodbye to itself.

Thanks Reluctant Housedad, this list has required far too much thinking this week! If you would like to join in too, take a look at Reluctant Housedad & Kate Takes 5!

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  1. Have you seen the film The Bucket List? They go skydiving, when they realise they've got terminal illnesses. It's really funny. Love your list (reminds me I must pay off my credit card!)

  2. Thanks Donna - it's on my list of films to see (but that's another list isn't it?) xx


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