Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa - Christmas Crafts

I was looking back at my Christmas blog posts from last year. Julia (Miss 5) and I cooked and crafted our way through December - wow, we were busy!

This year I will admit we are taking things a little slower. Whilst the elves have been visiting nightly and leaving a chocolate in the mini stockings, I just have one Christmas craft to share so far - this colourful Christmas wreath. Julia loved making this and it was super easy to do!

Step 1 - Visit The Reject Shop or similar discount store.
Step 2 - Purchase a tinsel wreath and colourful, wrapped lollies or chocolates.
Step 3 - Tie lollies or chocolates onto wreath with ribbon.
Step 4 - Hang on door, stand back and admire!

I have some Christmas cooking on my list of things to do, hopefully I will have time to get started on that soon! 

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  1. Oh! I would have bought some of your personalised crafts only that Christmas is already over. Don't worry this year, I'll be buying from you.

  2. Thanks! There's plenty of time to plan for Christmas this year! ~ Christine xx


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