Monday, January 30, 2012

Something old, something new

Continuing the photo a day challenge for January from Fat Mum Slim. These photos are from the past week.

22. My shoes
I have come to the realisation that as a Mum I can get away with just two pairs of shoes - one for warm weather and one for cold weather.

23. Something old
I have photographed and blogged about this before, but this old object is something that I truly treasure. This gorgeous leather bound book belonged to my grandmother and has her name hand written in the front in her own writing. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame was first printed in 1908. This is a 26th edition, printed in 1927. 

24. Guilty pleasure
I'm sure that there are many who have a love for yarns of all types. This is just a small sample of the yarns that I have plans for - so much yarn, so little time! My pleasure is of course creating something special from this pile of yarn, whilst my guilt is due to the amount of yarn on hand - but shhh... no-one else needs to know, right? 

25. Something I made
My contribution to the Australia Day celebrations this year! 

26. Colour
Beautiful rainbow bobbles from Red Bobble together with a gorgeous rainbow dress from Rainbows & Ringlets.

27. Lunch
Julia made rice paper rolls for her Gran's birthday this week. 

28. Light
If it's still light outside, it can't be time for bed yet, can it? I'm too busy making soup!

Last week coming up, but I have enjoyed this so much that I may keep going with the February challenge!

Christine xx

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