Monday, January 23, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things!

I'm still keeping up with the photo a day challenge for January from Fat Mum Slim. These photos are from the past week.

15. Happiness 
Happiness is chalk drawing with Miss 5 on a sunny day. 

16. Morning
The morning sun peeking through the trees in my backyard.

17. Water
Julia has been taking extra swimming lessons this week for her school holiday activity and she swam like a fish - so well that she went up a grade! 

18. Something I bought
Or at least something WE bought whilst in Disneyland. This is Captain Jack Sparrow's hat. It's essentially a totally useless souvenir but it truly is the best pirate hat ever. 

19. Sweet
Homemade chocolate & choc chip ice cream - yum! 

20. Someone I love
My two favourite people in all the world - Daddy and daughter playing side by side.

21. Reflection
Julia loves blowing bubbles! Sunlight and rainbows captured perfectly in these beautiful bubbles.

I have loved the challenge of week three - now on to week four!

Christine xx

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