Monday, January 16, 2012

A handbag, a sunset and blue, blue eyes

Continuing with the photo a day challenge for January from Fat Mum Slim here are my photos from the past week.

8. Your sky
The most beautiful sunsets happen nightly just outside my own front door, but usually I'm too pre-occupied with making dinner or bathing the beauty that I forget to look. 

9. Daily routine
Most mornings, Julia (Miss 5) creeps into bed with me and wakes me with a kiss. The mornings that she doesn't are the ones when we have to leave the house early (usually for school). So she wakes me when I could be sleeping in and I wake her when we don't have time to sleep in. Sleeping in is definitely a thing of the past. 

10. Childhood
This is a picture of me taken on my 7th birthday. I went out to lunch with my grandparents as a birthday treat. It's even in the original frame.  

11. Where I sleep
On my side of the bed is a bear that I was given for my first mother's day, before Julia was born. There is also a book which unfortunately hasn't been opened for quite a while. On my husband's side of the bed is a sculpture of a lighthouse made by Julia. Above the bed is a Norman Lindsay etching given to me by my father.

12. In my bag
I like to try to be organised. So in my bag is my wallet, keys, glasses and a pouch containing everything else like wipes, tissues, bandaids and a wonderful crayon wallet. My phone is in a pocket at the side of my bag. I bought this fabulous bag in San Diego last year. 

13. Close-up
Julia has the bluest of blue eyes. 

14. Something I'm reading
This is Julia's bookshelf. I don't have time to read - I'm too busy crocheting! So what I am reading at the moment is the Roald Dahl collection. Julia and I read a few chapters each night. At the moment we are reading The BFG.

Week two has been fun, but I've been looking ahead to week three... the challenge continues!

Christine xx

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