Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Gallery - Sport

Joining Sticky Fingers for The Gallery... the theme this week is Sport.

Julia's chosen sport is Calisthenics. Here she is in her team uniform, ready to head off to her competition. She looks quite enthusiastic for so early in the morning! 

This is her second year. She loves performing on the stage, dressing up in beautiful costumes and being part of a team. 

Calisthenics is an artistic and performance sport which promotes teamwork, encourages physical development and co-ordination, and takes a series of routines set to music and turns them into beautiful performances. 

Between 4 and 8 routines are learned during the year with each routine lasting between 1.5 - 4 minutes. All routines are taught and performed with emphasis on teamwork and uniformity. There are many different disciplines or routines that can be taught in Calisthenics, which is why it is considered such a diversified sport. The core items for the Tinies age group (4-6 year olds) are Free Exercise, Rods and Aesthetics. A fancy item is also taught which may include Folk Dance, Song and Dance or Song with Actions. Figure March and Club Swinging are added as core items in the older age groups. 

You can find out more about Julia's Calisthenics with more pictures of her beautiful costumes in my previous blog posts here

Christine xx


  1. Fantastic. Calisthenics isn't that common in the UK. Both my boys are football (soccer)mad, but are so excited by the Olympics


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