Monday, August 6, 2012

Calisthenics - preliminary competitions

Saturday mornings are usually sleep-in days, but not for the last two weekends. We have risen early for Julia's calisthenics competition days. A quick breakfast, then out the door for hair and makeup, then on to the theatre.

This is Julia in costume for her sub-junior rods routine. Very bright!

Julia in her team uniform - and hamming it up for the camera.

Both her tinies and sub-junior teams did really well, and enjoyed their performances.

Thanks again to her coaches Kirsty and Kari, the team assistants and the team managers, who all put so much work into making the day such a success for all the girls.

The tinies teams at the presentation - Julia's team is in red on the right. 

The final competition for the year is just six weeks away so there is lots of practice to do! 

If you'd like to find out more, please take a look at Calisthenics ACT if you are in Canberra like me, or Calisthenics Australia for more information about Calisthenics in other states. 

Christine xx

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