Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mini-Me Handcrafts - Burger & Chips

Julia (Miss 4) loves watching Masterchef. The show gets recorded so Julia and I can watch it together in the afternoons. She knows the names of all the contestants and calls them out at the beginning of every show. She loves to cook with me, always wearing her Masterchef apron and chef's hat.
I recently thought I would try to crochet some play food, so I created this hamburger and chips.
This 17 piece play set includes bun top with sesame seeds, bun bottom, burger, cheese, fried egg, three tomato slices, lettuce and eight chips.

I had so much fun creating this burger, I'm going to make some more! Sushi anyone?

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  1. Love the hamburger pieces. I didn't think you liked Sushi? But I'll be very happy with it! LoL.


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