Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Listography - My 5 favourite ice creams

Once again I am joining the fabulous Kate Takes 5 for Listography. It's summer in Kate's corner of the world so ice creams are at the top of the snack list of course! Julia (Miss 4) will eat ice cream anytime it's available but I prefer to eat ice cream when the weather is hot. So dreaming of warm sunny weather, here are my top 5 favourite ice creams:

1. Soft Serve Cone 

I love soft serve ice cream and McDonalds is cheaper than anywhere else so this is my summer ice cream of choice!

2. Splits 

The combination of flavoured ice and ice cream will always make this one a winner for me. Raspberry is my favourite flavour.

3. Banana Paddlepop

Or chocolate. Hard to decide between the two flavours. Julia would choose the rainbow paddlepop.

4. Magnum

Original flavour for me please! These are even better in minis as mini size is diet size, right?

5. Golden Gaytime

What a classic. I love the toffee flavoured ice cream but I think it's the biscuit pieces on the outside that make it one of my favourites.

If you would like to join in too, please take a look at Kate Takes 5!

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