Monday, September 19, 2011

My Day on Sesame Street - Alphabet Cookies

It was my husband's birthday last Friday so he took the day off work. Hooray! Julia (Miss four-and-a-half) was very excited to make a special birthday lunch for her Daddy. We made sausage rolls for a lunchtime treat.

Setting the table was the best part. Julia was thrilled that we used a tablecloth (we usually use placemats) and she had chosen some party hats for us to wear. 

But the best part was the cookie decorations. Julia had such fun putting her birthday message together from letter cookies I purchased from Beccas Biscuits.  

They made such a lovely, colourful centrepiece and Beck decorated the biscuits beautifully. Lemon cheesecake is the cookie flavour we love the most - just fabulous!

You can see more of Beck's wonderful creations on Facebook or on her website.

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  1. Looks fantabulous, hope he enjoyed his sausage rolls and biscuits :)


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