Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Handmade Father's Day

Julia (Miss four-and-a-half) was so excited about Father's Day this year.

First she made a card and a key tag at pre-school. She has the most wonderful teachers who put in so much effort to make sure that all the kids could take home something that their Dad would love.

The craft didn't stop at school - at home we made a book for Dad with lots of pictures and special things about Dad. Some of the ideas for the book came from one of my favourite blogs - Toni at Make It Perfect.

Julia loved decorating hankies with fabulous drawings for Dad. Fabric textas are so easy to use and can be used on so many things to make a colourful gift.

Our last craft was biscuit decorating. I bought a fabulous cookie decorating kit from Beccas Biscuits which included six large plain white iced biscuits (Julia and I chose gingerbread), presented in a gift tin with a packet of edible ink pens. Julia loved creating her own designs on the biscuits (and they were delicious too!)

Bec is going to make these kits available on a regular basis; please take a look at her wonderful creations on Facebook or on her website.

Dad loved his gifts and Julia was so proud of her creations!

Crocheted goodies handmade by me
Available now from Mini-Me Handcrafts.

Personalised Children's Books
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