Monday, November 21, 2011

Ballerina Princess - Party Planning

Last year I had a mermaid party to plan. This year Miss Julia will be turning 5 and her chosen theme is a princess party.

The date has been set, the invitations have been sent and the menu has been selected. The games have been arranged, prizes and decorations bought, and Julia has chosen a cake.

Now all I have to do is prepare the banquet and make the cake look something like a castle. Wish me luck... 

I looked back at my last party planning post here, and I seem to be doing all the same things as last year. All Julia's favourite party things - balloons, streamers, fairy bread and pass-the-parcel. The main difference is the colour scheme this year will be pink and purple instead of green and blue.

All the things on Julia's birthday list this year are still the lovely, simple things that I remember from my own childhood. 5 year olds are easy to please too! 

Julia's party invitations were made by Amy at Duck Duck Goose (now One Sixteenth Designs). 

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