Monday, 1 November 2010

Little Mermaid - Party Planning

Mermaids are such pretty, fanciful creatures, aren't they? When I asked Julia (Miss nearly-four) what sort of birthday party she wanted this year, I was quite pleased when she said that a mermaid party would be just fine. With balloons and streamers of course. Oh, and fairy bread and pass-the-parcel please. She tells me that it just wouldn't be a birthday party without all those things.

So now I am planning a mermaid party. I have looked in the shops for all things mermaid, and - wouldn't you know it? - Ariel is out, Tinkerbell is in. Fortunately there are plenty of ideas on the internet - although some are quite over the top! So in the spirit of keeping things simple, I am planning green and blue streamers and balloons, but I draw the line at turning my lounge room into an underwater grotto.

All the things on Julia's birthday list - balloons, streamers, fairy bread and pass-the-parcel - are the party things I remember from my childhood. These are lovely, simple things that she will enjoy at her party. It doesn't seem too difficult to please a 4 year old. But next year could be another story altogether...

By the way, I have purchased just about all of my party needs online at The Spotty Napkin. They have a great collection of themed party items, at very reasonable prices and with wonderful, fast service. Thanks Liz!

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  1. Hi!
    Just thought I'd let you know I make party invitations and can easily design a cute mermaid for you... if you have a look at my FB page INVITEDbyRUK, you can see a card that has our mermaid on there... BUT I do have Ariel the little mermaid available too... if your party isnt too soon ;)
    p.s. I loove mermaids (if you cant tell LOL)

  2. I love your FB page and your mermaid is so gorgeous! Already done and sent this year but next year I will have a new theme and be looking around again :)


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