Monday, November 8, 2010

Garfield - Eat & Sleep

I'm not really a cat person, but I do like Garfield. His philosophy on life is very simple. Eat and sleep. I could do that too, except with a family to look after there are so many things to do in between eating and sleeping.

Here are some simple quotes from this famous cat:-

"Love me, feed me, never leave me".

My husband likes this one - he says it should replace all those marriage vows. It does seem to simplify things so how can I disagree?

"I'm not messy. I'm organizationally challenged!"

This quote is mine, it's such a good excuse for being on Facebook all day and not picking the toys up off the floor.

"I'm not over-weight, I'm under-tall."

And there is the excuse I've been looking for to have that extra slice of cheesecake.

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  2. Wow, thank you SO much! Your bikinis are just gorgeous :) ~ Christine


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