Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Mermaid - the mermaid party!

The mermaid birthday party was a huge success! The party girls made mermaid crowns and played pass the parcel, treasure hunt and musical chairs.
We ate fairy (mermaid) bread, chicken sausage rolls, little frankfurts, and pizza. We also had the most wonderful mini cupcakes (with mermaid toppers), mermaid biscuits and marshmallow slice from Lil Treats. And to finish off, a fabulous treasure chest birthday cake!
Julia (now Miss four) was thrilled with her balloons and streamers, and loved the party bags that everyone received, along with a balloon to take home. Here is the birthday girl in her gorgeous party dress from Machiko:
I really have to thank some wonderful Facebook friends who helped me with my birthday party planning and preparation:
Liz at The Spotty Napkin - a great collection of themed party items.
Christine at Lil Treats - divine cupcakes, beautiful biscuits and extremely moreish mashmallow slice.

Melinda at Machiko - funky clothes for kids.
Debra at Beads2Bracelets2U - lots of beads - necklaces and bracelets for the party bags.
Kylie at Funhouse Amusements - toys and things for kids - perfect for treasure hunt prizes!

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  1. Great cake, Christine! I hope Julia had a great birthday!

  2. Thanks so much - it was delicious too :) ~ Christine


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