Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa - He's back!

Christmas is getting closer - we saw Santa yesterday!

He arrived at the shopping centre amid a flourish of elves, angels and a walking present. The kids were overjoyed to see him, and Julia (Miss nealy 4) was no exception. The angels sang, the elves danced and the present was opened by a happy clown. Santa's merry "ho-ho-ho" was heard by one and all.

There really is something magical about Santa. Something that most of us wouldn't be without at Christmas.

Last year when I took Julia to see Santa, she was really keen. She had decided what present to ask from him and was more than happy to have her photo taken with a bearded stranger. She was delighted with the balloon and chocolate that Santa gave her and gave him a huge hug when she left. All was well; I sighed with relief. But then, a small voice came from below, "Mummy, why didn't Santa give me my present?" Oops, I may have neglected to tell her something before her visit...

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  1. Lovely to see you have a blog Christine.

    all the best

    Nicola X

  2. Oh I love your blog Nicola - you are so creative! I love seeing your new designs on your FB page and the work you are doing for your daughter's bedroom is so amazing - I can't wait to see it finished! I have now added you to my blog list :) ~ Christine


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