Thursday, November 18, 2010

20 Questions

I saw this on Nessa Knits blog and thought it was such a great idea that I wanted to play too!

1. Sweet or Savoury? Sweet, especially pavlova and cheesecake. And chocolate :)
2. Dresses or Jeans? Definitely jeans, they go with everything don't they?
3. House or Apartment? I love my house. It's got everything I ever wanted and it's my home.
4. Shop Online or Offline? Online all the way - especially Facebook shopping!
5. DVDs or Downloads? DVDs. Hubby has a huge collection.
6. Cocktails or Juice? Juice.
7. Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate milkshakes but strawberry icecream.
8. Laptop or PC? PC.
9. Magazines or Newspapers? Magazines - mainly cooking mags, I like to try new recipes.
10. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
11. CDs or MP3s? CDs. But I like to convert my CDs to MP3s to play in the car.
12. Kids or Pets? One kid, no pets.
13. Macaroon or Cupcakes? Cupcakes, especially butterfly cakes with whipped cream.
14. Walk or Run? Walk - or drive.
15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? Breakfast out means bacon and eggs with everything - yum! I don't like breakfast in bed - it's too hard to eat without spilling or crumbing everywhere.
16. Market or Supermarket? Supermarket. I like the convenience of buying everything in the one place.
17. Sourdough or Grainy? Grainy, makes a nice change from plain white bread.
18. Heels or Flats? Flats. I can't remember the last time I wore heels.
19. Late nights or Not? Late nights, especially when I have a lot of books to make!
20. Coffee or Tea? Tea - especially if I don't have to make it.

Now you know a little more about me... please let me know if you are playing too as I'd love to read your responses!

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  1. Thanks for playing and I have to admit, I have a penchant for Chocolate Rum layered cheesecake that my mother makes .. yummo!

  2. Hi Nessa, thanks for inviting me - it was fun! Your mother's cheesecake sounds divine! ~ Christine


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