Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Listography - Guilty Pleasures

Once again I'm joining Kate Takes 5 for Listography, and the topic this week is guilty pleasures. Yes, I have a few...

1. Recipe books and magazines

I love to cook new things, but they have to be QUICK and EASY. The ingredients lists must be short and mostly stocked in my pantry. There must be minimal use of pots and pans.

Thanks to my wonderful Mum, I have subscriptions to two recipe mags which provide me with plenty of new ideas!

2. KFC

Popcorn chicken. Yum!

3. Yarn

Since picking up crocheting again recently, I have amassed quite a stockpile of yarn. I can't seem to walk past Lincraft anymore without picking up a couple of balls. Now I know how those who stock up on fabric feel about Spotlight.

4. Facebook games

I love to take time out and play.

5. Handmade dresses

Why do I have so many Facebook friends who make beautiful girl's dresses? Julia (Miss four-and-a-half) has so many already in her wardrobe, but I'm sure there is room for more!

(This one is from Sugar an Spice on Facebook).

If you would like to join in too, please take a look at Kate Takes 5!

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