Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Listography - My Top 5 Kids Movies

Once again I'm joining Kate Takes 5 for Listography, and the topic this week is movies for kids. Julia (Miss Four-and-a-half) loves movies and loves going to the movies, but these are not her favourite movies - oh no! These are MY favourite kids movies!

1. The Princess Bride

Oh, what a gorgeous movie! It has a bit of everything - romance, action, adventure and parody all rolled into a beautiful movie with something for everyone.

2. Monsters Inc.

This is definitely my favourite animation - I just love the imaginative storyline.

3. Galaxy Quest

I just love the spoofiness of this movie. I'm not sure if spoofiness is a word, but I love it anyway.

4. Polar Express

What's not to like about this Christmas movie? The story, the animation, the singing - wonderful!

5. The Pirate Movie

Maybe it's cheesy, but I can still watch this movie, sing all the songs and enjoy it!

If you would like to join in too, please take a look at Kate Takes 5!

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  1. Polar Express - I watched that for the first time last Christmas. Never seen the Princess Bride though, or The Pirate Movies. More to add to my long list lol

  2. Princess bride is a super film. I forgot about it for my list. We love Polar Express too but I'm keeping it for if there's a favourite Christmas films list!

  3. Wow, 3 films in there I hadn't even heard of! Off to check them out now...

  4. Oh Polar Express, just started looking forward to Christmas so I can see it again... great list!

  5. Never actually heard of The Pirate Movie - are you sure it isn't actually a porno..? Love love love the Princess Bride (jealous now!)


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