Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midnight and all is quiet ♥

This is the final week of the February photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim

22. Where I work
This is my creative patch - a corner of the lounge which is in grave danger of being taken over by yarn! 

23. My shoes
My wet shoeprints - so much rain this week! They look a bit brighter lifted by some colour photo editing. 

24. Inside my bathroom cabinet
I can't help it - when things we use are on special at the supermarket I usually buy a few. 

25. Green
Rain makes everything outside seem greener! 

26. Night
Midnight and all is quiet ♥

27. Something I ate
Mmmmm... roast lamb. These are the leftovers which will be used for sandwiches for lunch. 

28. Money
Julia is really keen to save her pocket money in her new school bank account.

And a bonus leap year photo: 

29. Something I'm listening to
I haven't bought a CD for ages! But Julia is starting to get into a few songs which she hears on the radio and she asked me to see if I could get a couple for her. So Fresh includes "Somebody that I used to know" which she plays (and sings) over and over, and MKR includes "Dynamite". I picked up a couple of specials too - Julia loves "American pie" and especially Weird Al Yankovic's version which is "The saga begins" - all about Star Wars. The Maroon 5 CD is for me!

On to the March photo a day challenge!

Christine xx

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