Sunday, March 18, 2012

Listography - My 5 favourite cook books

Joining again with Kate Takes 5 for this weeks Listography... 

I like cooking, but it has to be simple. No more than a dozen ingredients, and no more than four of those can be herbs or spices. Nothing that uses multiple pots and pans. And the name of my favourite recipes start with "Melt & Mix". So here are my favourite cook books, used regularly and often:

1. Recipe magazines 
I love cook books with pictures. And these always have fabulous pictures! I can flick through whilst eating breakfast, mark a few recipes to try, then scan the page into the computer or just cut it out for later use. There's usually one or two recipes that are deemed worthy of trial in my kitchen. Sometimes they even become favourites and end up in... 

2. My own recipe collection books
Two books (plastic sleeve folders) that hold regular favourites collected over quite a few years. Typed, hand written, magazine pages, computer printouts - all can be found within. 

3. The Australian Woman's Weekly Original Cookbook
One I've had for years that has all the basics and plenty that you wouldn't want to eat too. Like that mess on the front cover. Who would have thought that would be the photo on the cover of a best seller? 

4. Margaret Fulton's Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery
This was on special and few years ago and I thought "why not?" After all, Margaret Fulton does know a thing or two about cooking. Well, if it's not in this book it doesn't need to be known. Whilst it has no pictures, it has recipes and tips for absolutely everything. 

5. The Beginner's Cookbook 
I think I have had this book forever. It has helpful pictures and very basic recipes, perfect for basic cooks like me. I think I got it as a housewarming gift when I first moved out of home!

Christine xx

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  1. Oh, we differ! I like picture cookbooks too. But the "mess" on the front of the WW Original Cookbook is my style - plenty of vegetables mixed in one pot & make it do for 2 nights!


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