Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Little Kitchen Rules

This is the second week of the March photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim.

8. Window
I was wondering what Julia's dolls were watching on television in their little house. I asked Julia and she told me it was "My Little Kitchen Rules". 

9. Red
I love the red chillies on this fruit bowl which we brought back from Old Town in San Diego. 

10. Loud
My husband likes his coffee and he likes to grind it so it's nice and fresh, but this is the loudest machine in the house! Julia refuses to be in the same room when it's grinding because it's so loud. In between uses, the coffee grinder lurks silently in the cupboard... 

11. Someone I talked to today
He can be hard to catch on camera, but Julia is great a capturing him in her artworks. An early painting of her Daddy and my lovely husband. 

12. Fork
A drawerful of cutlery. I'm sure it multiplies overnight, except when I need a complete set for a BBQ or dinner party. Somehow I always end up with mismatching cutlery. 

13. A sign
This is a sign I drive past every weekday to drop Julia off at school. No, I wasn't driving the day I took this photo - my husband was behind the wheel! 

14. Clouds
I love cloudy days. Not rainy, but just enough cloud to take the edge off the hot sun. 

Christine xx

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