Monday, March 19, 2012

Rediscovering reading

Julia (Miss 5) and I love to read together. We read chapter books every night and she loves to read the chapter titles, then I read the chapter to her. We have read most of Roald Dahl's collection, and are working through Enid Blyton. Our current book is Mary Poppins, having just been to the stage show. Julia is loving this book too, despite the rather old-fashioned language and settings!

I have started reading with the children individually in Julia's kindergarten class. This allows them to discover a book and read it through before taking it home to share with their family. The children love the one-on-one reading time and they can take the book home to read with confidence.

Julia's school uses the Magic 100 words and these have brought out an interest in playing "word detective". On our recent plane trip from Brisbane, Julia was happy to browse through the in-flight magazine and pick out all the magic words she knew. She then proudly told her school teacher that "it" was the most frequently found word in the magazine.

I use sticky blackboard labels to write words on her lunchboxes for her to discover and read. She loves to play word games like memory, fish and snap with magic word cards. And she loves to discover and try out new words. Words can be so much fun!

Nostalgia has taken over as I have rediscovered reading with Julia. I'm sure there are plenty of new writers of children's books, but I am really enjoying reading some of my old favourites. The Wishing Chair awaits!

Christine xx

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