Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Listography - 5 photos that sum up my week

Joining again with Kate Takes 5 for this weeks Listography - and here is my week in 5 photos: 

1. The school drop off and pick up. If it looks calm in this photo, it's because school has just started and all parents have breathed a collective sigh of relief for the day. 

2. Washing, ironing and other assorted household chores. In between blogging and catching up on Facebook. 

3. Driving. To school, to calisthenics, to swimming, to the shops... 

4. Crochet - trying to finish an angry birds collection - there's just never enough time! 

5. A weekend treat - a trip to Brisbane to see Mary Poppins. See my last blog post for more - it was fabulous!

Christine xx


  1. You're a tidy person aren't you? I can tell by that ironing pile. My NEVER looks like that. Actually I don't even have an ironing pile...*slinks away in shame*

    1. Haha, should I shatter the illusion? That's actually the clean washing pile that I haven't quite gotten around to putting away yet! ~ Christine xx


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