Monday, April 30, 2012

Daddy's little girl

5 reasons I know she's Daddy's little girl...

1. She shares his sense of humour.
She loves slapstick and toilet jokes. She thinks that Home Alone 3 is the funniest movie ever made. Farts are funny. A whoopie cushion can keep her entertained for ages. 

2. She shares his love of toys and games. 
She likes Lego, computer and console games and best of all - console games with Lego characters. 

3. She shares his lack of sporting prowess.
She likes to play tennis in the school holidays but forgets whether she is right-handed or left-handed. She is equally unskilled with either.

4. She shares his enjoyment of music.
She likes to listen to the radio at night as she falls asleep. She loves to sing and makes me laugh with her interpretation of the lyrics. Her latest favourite song is The Rogue Traders "You are my boobie child". 

5. She shares his enthusiasm for travel. 
Places on her travel list: Egypt, Austria, Antarctica and the Gold Coast. 

Christine xx

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