Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Harry Potter vs Darth "Hermione" Vader

Wrapping up the March photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim

22. Kitchen sink
Almost clean and shiny. The highlights are the leftover pancakes from lunch and my crocheted dish cloths. 

23. Moon 
A bright shape in the sky on a clear night. 

24. An animal
This is the closest to an animal that I could find - Julia's beloved teddy bear Lollipop. 

25. Breakfast 
Easy to prepare. Cereal, just waiting for milk. 

26. Key 
My set of spare keys. I have no idea what they open, if anything! 

27. My name 
Since Julia was born, my most often used name is Mummy. It stands out amongst a seemingly random set of letters and numbers. 

28. Trash 
No, not rubbish - everything in these boxes can be used for crafts! 

29. Feet 
My feet... way down there. 

30. Toy 
Souvenir magnets from Legoland. Julia loves to swap the parts around, as you can see by Hermione wearing Darth Vader's head. 

31. Where I relax 
In front of the television of course! Although I don't often watch daytime TV; I like to crochet and catch up on recorded shows from the night before.

See you for the April challenge! 

Christine xx

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