Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A secret... and a perfect smile

This is the third week of the June photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim

15. Yellow 
Mickey's raincoat brightens my collection of little bears and animals. 

16. Out and about 
A beautiful view on my way home from the school dropoff. 

17. In my bag 
I usually have a bit of crochet in my bag to do while I am waiting... making rainbow medallion granny squares for a baby blanket. 

18. Something you don't know about me 
I have a box of things that I just can't bear to part with - little things collected over the years. Inside my box is this collection of McDonalds Transformers. I think they are just fabulous and heaps better than any of the toys you get from Maccas these days! 

19. Imperfect 
Can you see the imperfection in my bathroom? I'm pretty sure it was tiled by a blind person. What's even worse is our main bathroom also has one tile upside down too. 

20. Favourite photo I've ever taken 
Although the lighting is terrible, her smile is perfect. Having fun on some play equipment, looking at me from inside a big red pipe. 

21. Where I slept 

Christine xx

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