Monday, June 25, 2012

Calisthenics - first competition for the year

Julia (Miss Five) has continued with Calisthenics this year. She loves the stage, the performance, the dressing up and most of all, she loves the attention. 

She is very fortunate to be part of both the tinies and the sub-junior teams this year, so she has had a lot of practise to do in the past few weeks. Her first competition for the year was held last weekend. Although places were not awarded at this practice competition, it was a wonderful opportunity for all the girls to get on the stage and perform.

Here she is, ready to go on stage for aesthetics.

Huge thanks to her coaches Kirsty and Kari, the team assistants and the team managers, who all put so much work into making the day such a success for all the girls. It's hard to believe that the next competition is just five weeks away!

Calisthenics promotes teamwork, encourages physical development and co-ordination, and takes a series of routines set to music and turns them into beautiful performances.

If you'd like to find out more, please take a look at Calisthenics ACT if you are in Canberra like me, or Calisthenics Australia for more information about Calisthenics in other states. 

Christine xx

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