Friday, June 15, 2012

Winter, slumbering in the open air...

I have had a busy week and am now catching up on the June photo a day challenge from Fat Mum Slim. Here is my first week: 

1. Morning
I love wintry Canberra mornings. After the fog lifts, the clouds remain layered around the base of the hills and gathered in the distance, whilst overhead the sky is a beautiful crystal clear blue and the sun shines warmly. 

2. Empty
Mmmmmm.... a hot cup of tea and chocolate biscuits - sadly the mug and packet are now empty. 

3. On my plate
My crochet sandwich. 

4. Close up
It was my birthday this week and my lovely husband bought me the most beautiful bunch of roses. 

5. Sign
It's a sure sign that winter is here when all the leaves have fallen from the trees. 

6. Hat
A box of hats. Julia always grabs a hat when she goes outside to play. 

7. Drink
My husband's favourite winter warmer!

Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on his smiling face a
dream of Spring...
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Stay warm!

Christine xx

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