Friday, 10 February 2012

The Gallery - A family story...

It's been quite a while since I joined Tara's Sticky Fingers blog for The Gallery ... the theme this week is A Family Story.

This is the beginning of a story.

In September 1968, my father, my mother and I left Melbourne to live in the USA for twelve months. I was two years old and that's me, in my Dad's arms, in a red coat. The photo shows family and friends all wishing us a safe journey as we leave Australia.

My father had been granted a Government Scholarship to attend the University of California at Berkeley. After his graduation we travelled extensively throughout the USA and Europe, before finally returning home in January 1970. My Mum kept a wonderful collection of letters to and from family and friends and which tell the story of our time overseas.

It's a pity that letter writing is such a dying art, as the letter collection, along with a substantial number of photos and slides, is a real reminder of a significant time in my own family story.

Christine xx

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  1. Essenden Airport. Wow - brings back memories of good friends! The assortment of 8 young children in that photo are now parents themselves!


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