Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Listography - Mugs (the ones for tea or coffee)

Doesn't everyone have a mug collection in their cupboard? There are always your favourites that sit proudly at the front, followed by the guest mugs which hover within reach, and right at the back are the novelty mugs and the ones received as gifts that you just haven't the heart to throw or give away.

Perhaps this is one of the more unusual Listography collections, but here is a selection from my own cupboard: 

1. A gift from my Mum, this is actually the second one because a shelf fell on the first. It was quite devastating at the time, and my Mum searched high and low for an exact replacement. 

 2. This one was a gift from a friend and still makes me laugh. It was used for some time at work for the all important tea break, mostly because it holds a good amount of tea and doesn't go cold too quickly. 

3. I have had this mug for ages. It's slightly smaller than normal, so it's not really very good for tea. Unless you like a small cup. 

4. It's plain white, but it's BIG. This is the best mug ever for soup, especially soup with noodles. 

5. These are my favourite mugs. Tea tastes best in a china mug.

Join in with Kate Takes 5 and share your favourite mugs too!

Christine xx


  1. Love the flowery tea mugs - and you're right it does taste best in china. I actually find the white one very elegant in its simplicity.

  2. I think tea tastes better in china too. Love your mugs, I adore Garfield

  3. Love no 2 - totally forgot about his cartoons - Gary Larson isn't it?

  4. Photo mugs

    i have some kind of like it. different colours. Edward and I gather java cups. Every holiday we buy one.


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